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January 6, 2018

Gerard Kassar Goes After Preet Bharara on Twitter….But There is More History To His Tweet




Jerry Kassar, the Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman went after Preet Bharara for his comment about President Trump on Twitter. Preet responded with humor, but Preet probably doesn’t realize the history behind the tweet.







While Kassar acted like he is a loyal and true Trump fan, he actually supported and endorsed Marco Rubio for president – not Trump. See here and here.



Preet probably doesn’t realize their is a bit more of a connection here (but we do).  Gerard Kassar is Senator Marty Golden’s Chief of Staff.  In 2014, Bharara’s office investigated Senator Golden’s campaign finances. Golden hired  a law firm to represent him and papers reported that Golden paid the firm $31,000. (here)



Sometimes a tweet packs a lot more history than someone realizes.



Gerard Kassar Head of the Brooklyn Conservative Party





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