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July 7, 2018

Ft. Hamilton Army Base Rock Contest



The Fort Hamilton Army Base is getting in on Bay Ridge Families love for decorated rocks.  If you walk around Bay Ridge, you may get a glimpse of slightly hidden rocks especially seen on  street corners lamps, mailboxes or planters.


The Army Base is having a rock hunt – more details here


Let’s play ROCK-HUNT! Find Independence Day Celebration theme hand-painted rocks around the USAG Fort Hamilton and Bay Ridge area. Here are the rules:
  1. Do not remove a rock with the MWR logo; however, take a selfie and post on social media with #HamiltonMWR.
  2. Take a selfie with a patriot hand-painted themed rock and post on social media with #HamiltonMWR.
  3. Patriot hand-painted themed rocks can be relocated. When you hide a rock, take a picture, share on social media with #HamiltonMWR and leave a hint of the current location. When its found, someone should reply that it’s been re-hidden or snap a photo of where it is. 
  4. You can keep a patriot theme rock; however, you must replace it with one of your hand-painted rock. 


Contest Rules:
  1. Two drawings per month, one for each category (1) best selfie, and (2) best hand-painted rock.
  2. Amount of drawings and prizes per month may vary.
  3. One winner per category. One prize per person a month.
  4. Unlimited photo entries per person.
  5. To enter the contest, pictures must be posted on the Fort Hamilton MWR Facebook or Instagram page with #HamiltonMWR. Pictures posted on other social media platforms with #HamiltonMWR will not be considered for review. However, we encourage everyone to share your art with others!


See more here



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