December 20, 2015

Fried Ice Cream and Fried Yogurt in Bay Ridge

A friend of mine ordered fried ice cream from  the new place, 91 Fried Ice Yogurt in Bay Ridge.  It’s at 9119 – 3rd Avenue and replaced the Sweetie Yogurt Shop.

When you hear the words Fried Ice Cream or Fried Yogurt, it sounds like an unhealthy deep fried dessert, but the process actually lowers the ice creams temp to 10 below 0 degrees.

fried ice cream 11209


He ordered the cookies and cream fried ice cream. He said it was cool to watch them make it.


fried ice cream frozen bayridge



fried ice cream bay ridge


The ice cream is at 10 degrees below zero and my friend told me that it melts fast.

This one cost $6.00


fried ice cream bay ridge



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