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July 29, 2015

Fresh Seafood in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

seafood in bay ridge

I love seafood! I like almost all types except maybe scallops (someone served undercooked scallops one time).  During the Winter, I don’t eat fish as often because I don’t like the lingering smell it leaves in the house. In the Summer, it’s so easy to cook fish on the grill. I love fresh fish and it has been increasingly easier to find it in Bay Ridge.


We’ve found some great places to buy fresh fish in Bay Ridge:


** ALC Just announced in August 2017 that they will be selling fresh fish on Fridays from 2 – 8 pm. The fish is from Fulton Market – see here


1) Food Emporium Key Food (formerly Brooklyn Market) – 8102 3rd Avenue  Brooklyn 11209 – huge parking lot across the street. The fish counter at Brooklyn Market has very fresh fish and a good selection as well. The man working there is very helpful as well. The prices aren’t cheap, but they are what you expect to pay for fish.  Has crab legs and crab cakes.


2) Cosentino’s Fish Market   6922 3rd Avenue  Brooklyn 11209 between Ovington and Bay Ridge Avenues  t Ovington Ave & Bay Ridge Ave  (they moved over the Winter so if the address looks strange, that’s why)  Cosentino’s will deliver!  (718) 745-4710

I like this place. It has an okay selection, but the guy always tells me that I can call in my order and he will have it ready for me.  I want to tell him that I just thought of getting some shrimp two minutes before stepping into his store, but I am sure he doesn’t want to hear that. So call him if you want something (718) 745-4710.  For Christmas Eve dinner, you need to call ahead because this store is so packed from December 21st – 24th   


3) Foodtown 9105 3rd Avenue Brooklyn 11209

I know this one surprises me too! Foodtown has the worst bananas (they are always green – call me if you see yellow bananas in there). Their fish department is pretty good. I’ve even purchased live lobste from Foodtown and it was awesome!


4) Metfresh on 96th and 3rd Avenue sells seafood now (it’s in the back left corner of the store and you will be happy with the selection there)



5) LaBella’s – 79th Street and 13th Avenue has fantastic lobsters! Everyone goes to LaBella’s.



6) Seabreeze 2 Fish Market – 8500 18th Avenue Brooklyn 11214   (718) 259-9693 

Before moving to Bay Ridge, I went to this place for about 10 years. The fish is fresh, regular prices and the staff is efficient/pleasant.  Has crab legs and lobsters too.


7)  Shoprite – 1080 McDonald Avenue – Near Avenue I



8) Costco – 976 3rd Avenue  Brooklyn  718-965-7603 – around 39th Street and 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn. They have huge fresh crab legs.


9) Fairway Market – 480 Van Brunt Street Brooklyn 11231.  There is another Fairway Market on Ralph Avenue, but I haven’t tried their fish.


10) Lobster Pound 284 Van Brunt Street – Redhook has amazing lobster rolls – so fresh (with sweet potato fries – out of this world)


11) Jordan’s lobster dock by the UA movie theater in Sheepshead Bay (Exit 9 on the Belt Parkway). In the market, not the restaurant, lobsters are $8 a pound and they will steam them for you. 
12) On Saturdays from May to October only -> The Farmer’s Market in the Walgreen’s Drugstore Parking Lot on 95th Street and 3rd Avenue is open.  There is a fish guy at one of the tables (he isn’t there at the very beginning in May or at the end in late Oct/Nov) whose fish is very fresh and reasonably priced. If you go a bit later in the day, the fish is a bit lower of price because he doesn’t want to return home with it.


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