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April 14, 2018

Frank Seddio is a Bad Democratic Boss



In Bay Ridge, we have two fantastic candidates ready to go up against Senator Marty Golden. We LOVE them both. Why? Because they aren’t corrupt and they want to help this area. Both have plans – not the same plans, but both have very good plans.

In February, Democratic Boss Frank Seddio said he doesn’t want them to have a primary.


BTW, both candidates have been cordial to each other as they are ready to take on Senator Marty Golden.


This week, Seddio comes out in the paper and chooses one. NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.   


Frank Seddio could have sat the men down and came up with a plan, but instead he tries to throw a wrench at one of the good guys. Truth be told – we need both of these men – they both are energetic and would fire up the Democratic Party.  A better leader would have thrown the wrench at the corrupt Marty Golden and figured out a way to get both of these men for the neighborhood.  


The Democrats need to get a new boss because this boss is just throwing out things to the media and weakening the Democratic Party.  Bay Ridge sees the boss as someone who is supporting Golden because we have two great candidates here – most neighborhoods are lucky they have even one.




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