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April 6, 2018

Fracking Near Brooklyn? Voice Your Concerns 4/26



The Williams Energy Company is proposing a natural gas pipeline that would run along the coast of Staten Island, crossing the harbor south of Brooklyn to join existing pipelines off the Rockaways. If approved, the pipeline will carry fracked natural gas under New York Harbor.




Construction would require excavating a trench across the entirety of the route to bury the pipe.


Brooklynites and Staten Islanders will not appreciate this:  Williams plans to work on the offshore portion of this pipeline 24 hours/day, 7 days/week for over a year.





Nope – I haven’t heard National Grid complain about a shortage. Have you? If you have, leave it in the comments below.





Why are people against fracking? In order to frack, they need to trench through miles of the ocean floor inwhich they will be digging up PCBs [polychlorinated biphenyls] and pollution that has settled over the years. It’s bad for the climate, bad for our marine family, bad for our health and safety.  Fracking comes with the risk of leaks and explosions.





Numerous. In 2013, Vinnie Gentile and other Democrats fought against the Constitution Pipeline from Pennsylvania to New York (which was also by the same company,  Williams), the New York Department of Environmental Conservation denied the application in 2016. In 2018, they are back.





Maybe they don’t know? Some politicians don’t read the newspapers or keep up with what’s going on in the world.


If I was a Staten Island politician, I would be pretty upset that a company was trying to put their 23 miles of pipeline along the south coast of Staten Island. In 2015, Congressman Dan Donovan said he was for fracking. (Source)





The Assemblywoman resigned this week.


Mark Treyger is the Councilman and Diane Savino is the State Senator. Neither have been good on environmental issues as the waters in Coney Island were polluted and the company polluting the area paid very little in restitution.


Residents and the community board complained that it wasn’t enough money, but the POLITICIANS ACTUALLY PRAISED IT (source). Sadly, people continued fishing in the polluted water as the politicians didn’t even hang warning signs.  Although Treyger represents that area, he isn’t from the area,  so we believe that’s why this isn’t a big connection for him. And Senator Savino is in Staten Island most of the time.







The only people supporting fracking are companies which benefit from it, politicians who have been paid off or people who are clueless. If someone does just a little research about fracking, they will see it is dangerous.  Let’s put them to the test…..





Anyone talking about fracking being safe needs to drink water from a fracked area. If it’s good for them, then we know it’s okay for NY residents.


We will order some water from an area that has been fracked  for you to drink. Let me know when and where you would like to make this statement. I don’t think we will have any problem finding water from a fracked area in NY. These NY’ers didn’t make this graphic to be cute:




What can you do?




There is a meeting in Bay Ridge on April 26th from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm for anyone who wants to voices their concerns about the Williams N.E.S.E. Pipeline. IF you are unable to make the meeting, but want to submit your comments,  see here





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