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September 11, 2017

Fire in Dyker Heights – September 11, 2017


If you are on 86th Street and you smell burnt plastic, you are smelling the fire on 75th Street in Dyker Heights.  There is a fire at 1042 and 1044 Bay Ridge Parkway between 10th and 11th Avenue in Dyker Heights Brooklyn which started around 8 pm.


Marty Golden just got there around 9:20 pm and has gone live on FB video (see video here). A man in the video said that one home is vacant . This is a busy night for Senator Golden as he was on the 69th Street Pier in Bay Ridge an hour ago holding a 9/11 memorial.  


My friend said that residents are saying it is an electrical fire that spread from one house to another. Someone else said that one of the homes was sold last month.  It’s making the 70’s in Dyker Heights look foggy and smell like burnt plastic. Another resident said the area smelled like that for more than an hour before the fire trucks came. Someone else said it smelled like rotten eggs and it was a gas problem in the area. 


Fire trucks and ambulances are covering the streets and avenues and helicopters overhead. Thank God for the firemen. We hope everyone is okay (we heard two people refused medical attention) – everything is replaceable!  


Update: One home was recently rented by a teacher who is getting married this weekend. They moved some of their furniture in and hadn’t bought renter’s insurance yet. Neighbors set up a Go Fund Page here (there’s some pictures of their apartment on there – so sad).





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