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January 7, 2018

Fire at 87th Street and 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge




Andrew Gounardes shared a picture of a serious fire happening on 87th Street and 4th on Sunday January 7, 2017 around 1:00 am.   It appears to be this corner fruit market 8702 – 4th Avenue (it’s across the street from DII store): 





Roy El-Ayat shared this quick video of the fire (before the firemen arrived). The fire looks out of control.






Councilman Brannan was at the scene and shared that the fire at the Garden Hills Gourmet Market had spread to the apartment above it and that the hydrants were frozen solid because is only 8 degrees out.  (We’re impressed the Councilman went to the fire at this time in the morning)





Andrew Gounardes immediately shared this update:



andrew gournardes fire update



Brannan updated the community about the residents and the community offers support for the residents;






Thankfully no one was injured in the fire.  The store is a 24-hour store that a lot of people in the neighborhood love. 


This morning, I saw that Adam West shared this video:





Justin A. in Bay Ridge shared this picture of the firemen throwing a mattress out of the apartment over the store. Residents said that over 50 firefighters were on the scene!



Thank you to the FDNY!


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