November 29, 2019

Filmmaker Claim He was Kicked Out of Republican Debate in Bay Ridge




Last year, The Father K movie came out highlighting the city council election that Father Khader El-Yateem was a candidate. The movie did an overview of the Arab community afterward.

This month, another movie called Inshallah, came out about the same election. Ahmed Mansour said it took two years for it to complete because he waited to see what happened to the community…..his community.


In the video,  at 8:44, a person in the audience compliments the video and asks how they got the footage of Justin Brannan.  Brannan is then referred to as: “the enemy.” Ahmed Mansour answered by saying he changed his appearance by cutting his beard and coloring his hair. Then he said he was  thrown out of the Republican Debate when they discovered he was an Arab. (That part is weird….any thoughts on what event that was?)  Another man shot the footage of Brannan.


Als0 revealed in this video above, they talked about how El-Yateem had a team member, who was in charge of  “the paid canvassers.”  


Disappointingly,  the speakers in the video talked about “our community,” but they don’t mean the Bay Ridge community – they mean the Arabic community. See a review of the film here.

We have to see the video to find out if Mansour included the missing money?  See here.  Since Mansour followed what happened after the election, he would know that head of El-Yateem’s campaign works for Councilman Brannan – did he include that?  See here     



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