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  • April 11, 2012

    Best Fabric Store in Bay Ridge


    I usually don’t have the time to go to Michaels Craft store so I mostly go to the two fabric stores in Bay Ridge:


    1) J & A Fabrics – April 2017 Update – J& A Fabrics moved to 90th Street and 5th Avenue (the old Robicelli Bakery spot). I am so exited about their new store because it is a lot bigger. They used to be in a cramped store on 83rd Street between off 3rd about 3 or 4 stores from the corner while walking towards 4th Avenue (Home Abstracts is across the street from it). They have fabric from floor to ceiling and a good amount of trims too. They even sell nice upholstery. I love this store. Their site has music so turn down the sound if you have kids: http://www.jafabricstore.com/



    2) Beverly’s Trimming Shop – 79th and 5th Avenue  – it’s small, but has a lot of good things – silk and chiffon ribbon and sequins for cloth.

    7820 5th Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11209
    (718) 680-2731



    3)  Close Out Heaven on 83rd and 5th has large rolls of ribbon with the wire –  cheap.


    4) Norma’s Craft Store on 3rd  Avenue between 79th and 78th Streets sells ribbon.


    5) Khan Fabrics and Notions – slightly outside Bay Ridge 6211 – 18th Avenue Brooklyn 11204  718-234-7323  Facebook page  – A lot of choices in solid color fabrics (very few children’s patterns or cutesy pattern like florals…..one polka dot – black and white only) good prices, a moderate amount of trims but they do have a large selection of zippers. I don’t love the store because it’s just solids in different materials – cotton, velvet, lace etc.


    6) Juanitas Bridal Store on 58th Street & 4th Avenue  has every type of ribbon and  trim imaginable – they are cheap too!





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