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July 23, 2018

Ethan Lustig-Elgrably – The Ridiculous Reason Eric Adams Endorsed Him


We wrote to Borough President Eric Adams to find out why he endorsed Ethan Lustig-Elgrably over a proven leader in Brooklyn.



Eric Adams is not a leader


Residents think endorsements are done carefully. Just because someone asks for an endorsement, doesn’t mean they should receive an endorsement, especially not over a more qualified candidate.  Dr. Frontus was not interviewed by Eric Adams. I am surprised Eric Adams didn’t advocate for Brooklyn and choose the most qualified candidate.  



Dr. Frontus and Eric Adams  – Pic from Eric Adam’s site 


Does Eric Adams know Dr. Frontus?  In 2009, Eric Adams was a State Senator and Chairman of the Veteran’s Committee. Dr. Frontus started the first veterans program in Coney Island and Eric Adams went out to see the program multiple times (See here). Eric Adams knows Dr. Frontus is a leader and community activist in Coney Island. 


Ethan Lustig-Elgraby doesn’t come close to Dr. Frontus’ accomplishments. Lustig-Elgraby was a paid staffer in Mark Treyger’s office. He remained silent while money continued to be thrown at Harris. He no longer works for Mark Treyger and hasn’t done anything in the area. Ethan moved to the area in 2016. Kadia Goba wrote:  It is rumored that the former staffer moved to Coney Island to be eligible to run for Treyger’s term-limited council seat in 2021.


If you look on Ethan’s website, he doesn’t have anything about his platform – just a list of endorsements. Who is Ethan representing – the people or the politicians? 


In 2011, Dr. Frontus received the Woman of Distinction Award from Diane Savino.


In 2014, Dr. Frontus received an award for her work.


In 2015, Dr. Frontus was honored for her efforts to revitalize Coney Island. 


In 2016, Dr. Frontus was honored as one of the 40 stars under 40.   


In 2018, Moms Demand Action chose Mathylde as their candidate over Ethan. Why?  Mathylde founded the Coney Island Anti-Violence Collaborative in 2013. (Andrew Gounardes also received the endorsement from Moms Demand Action).




Dr. Frontus is a long-time resident who wants to represent Brooklyn.  Her campaign is funded by residents. 


Whose funding Ethan’s campaign? Ethan gave his campaign $10K and he has out-of-district contributions. Machine politicians gave Ethan Lustig-Elgrably’s campaign money from their political accounts – not their personal accounts. That’s why it says “Friends of”  before their name in the screenshot below (or “Savino 2018”).   





Savino 2018 – that’s Senator Diane Savino of the IDC.  Savino is a Democrat who votes with the Republicans. The IDC gives the Republicans in the State Senate power. Senator Savino has a special interest in this assembly position. Why? When a bill is introduced, it needs one senator and one assembly member to introduce it in each of the houses. The IDC claimed that they disbanded, but Diane Savino was seen at a fundraiser for the IDC in April 2018.



Mathylde Frontus is very down-to-earth and well-spoken. The interviewer noted that she didn’t have notes in front of her during this interview.  Listen to her here   (move to 34:00 minutes if you just have a minute to spare).


A resident wrote this about the interview:




South Brooklyn residents:  If you feel strongly about having someone from our community represent us and are tired of the establishment politicians playing us,  please chip in to Dr. Frontus’ campaign – even $10 helps. 




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