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May 18, 2018

Ethan Lustig-Elgrably Points the Finger & Has No Answers





June 2018 Update: Coney Island residents ask Treyger to support a resident and Treyger pulls out a dramatic response on video. He ignores the resident’s question, so the resident states it to Treyger again.



Ethan Lustig-Elgrably told the Bay Ridge Democrats that he found the situation of Pam Harris using government funding deeply disappointing.





It’s deeply disappointing to see this man is so far removed from the community AND HAS THE NERVE TO COME TO BAY RIDGE AND ASK FOR PEOPLE’S VOTES.


Lustig-Elgrably sat in Councilman Treyger’s office drinking the Treyger juice too long!



Thank you to my neighbors who spoke out so boldly in this video.  The first man who questioned Lustig-Elgably on the video spoke for Bay Ridge! The room cheered for my neighbor!





Ethan Lustig-Elgrably blamed other offices for mishandling the money and accepted NO responsibility for being part of Councilman Treyger’s office which didn’t do anything to follow up on that money.

A female voice in the room says, “Just to clarify….You were asked a direct question about your boss and yourself….”   I was dying laughing when I heard that. That woman wanted to send home the point that Ethan Lustig-Elgrably was a typical politician working the room with the typical politician’s nonsense. 





The audience burst out in chatter as WE DON’T NEED ANY MORE CORRUPTION – ETHAN LUSTIG-ELGRABLY!


Ethan Lustig-Elgrably didn’t seem to get it even after hearing from Bay Ridge residents.


Why didn’t Ethan Lustig-Elgrably get it?  Because he listened to Mark Treyger for a long time and Ethan actually believes he “fought” for this district. (Source) We never saw Lustif-Elgrably fight for anything – he was silent when the information about Pam Harris came out. 


Here’s Lustig-Elgrably feeding the lines to journalist, Kadia Goba. I can tell you that the city and state programs from home ownership aren’t for most people in our area OR they aren’t available for the high price homes IN OUR AREA (but it sounds good, right?)  If they were worthwhile, Mark Treyger would have already pushed them.





Ethan didn’t speak out against Treger throwing more money at Harris EVEN AFTER journalists showed Harris lied to the public. 


Image result for pam harris cruise

When all of this corruption went down, I asked NYC Council Speaker, Melissa Mark Vivierto to check Treyger’s money and to stop funding Pam Harris – Vivierto didn’t do anything. Oh wait – yes, she did….she went to Coney Island and stood with Mark Treyger and Pam Harris to support Harris’ re-election, EVEN AFTER the press revealed the truth. Mark-Vivierto allowed Treyger to keep funding Harris not-for-profit. Corruption runs deep in NYC. I didn’t see Ethan ask the NYC Council Speaker to investigate or stop funding to Harris.


Pam Harris is probably going to jail, but no one is even investigating Mark Treyger.




Mark Treyger has the audacity to push another candidate for this seat, so he can have control in the area. 






Did you see how angry my neighbors were that Mark Treyger is trying to play this community AGAIN?



In April,  Kadia Goba revealed this:  “It is rumored that Lustig-Elgrably moved to Coney Island to be eligible to run for Treyger’s term-limited council seat in 2021.” ( Lustig-Elgrably’s lived in Midwood which is City Council Jummane Williams district or Assemblyman Robert Carroll’s district).  Ethan probably should have waited until 2010 to run for Treyger’s spot…….maybe no one in Coney Island will look past all the corruption by then.


Strangely some items appear to be missing from Lustig-Elgrably Linkedin Account. When you search for him, you see this in Google:



When you look at his account there is only this:






Why did he remove his work with Brad Lander and Paul Vallone?  I’m guessing because that shows Lustig-Elgrably isn’t connected to Coney Island as Lander is from the posh Park Slope and Vallone represents upperclass sections of Queens (Alley Pond Park, Bay Terrace, Bayside, College Point, Douglaston, East Elmhurst, Flushing, Fresh Meadows, Little Neck and Whitestone)


Yet,  Lustig-Elgrably left his up his experience on Ari Kagan’s failed campaign for City Council.   I guess he thinks that will score points in Coney Island with the Democrats?  


After being in politics for several years, Lustig-Elgrably has only 12 connections on Linkedin?  Before Justin Brannan became our Councilman, Brannan had 500+ connections on LinkedIn. If someone asks Brannan about something, Brannan is never at a loss on who to contact.   


Ethan no longer works for Treyger, yet his Linkedin didn’t mention his current position, a job at the Parks Department. 


Another strange thing:  Ethan Lustig-Elgrably said he was fighting for this area for awhile. Ethan’s Twitter account is empty. 





There are only these three tweets about him:




On Facebook, there is an account, but only a few posts from 2012.  He doesn’t seem interested in talking with the public online. For our community, that wouldn’t be good. 



Kings County Politics stated that Lustig-Elgrably laid a bomb. Ethan Lustig-Elgrably got a reality check at the Bay Ridge Dems meeting. Ethan should step out of the way because he doesn’t have the background for this position and clearly he won’t be able to provide the leadership needed for this community. 




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