November 17, 2018

Eric Ulrich Burned Nicole Malliotakis after Trolling



Team Malliotakis trolled Eric Ulrich this morning. Ulrich responded by burning Malliotakis repeatedly. If Nicole Malliotakis was a leader, she would tell her team to stop trolling people and talking about her failed mayoral election. She can’t stop talking about it, so they can’t either.



Nicole Malliotakis Still Bitter at Eric Ulrich



Ulrich tweeted about the NYC snow storm fiasco and Malliotakis’ Team pounced at the moment to remind Ulrich that he didn’t support Malliotakis during her mayoral run. Get your popcorn out for this one!  Actual tweets were here (oopsie some pols deleted their tweets…see below).




Eric Ulrich  supported Bo Dietl over Malliotakis so #Revenge is in play as Ulrich recently announced he is running for Public Advocate.



Nicholas Chamberas Nicole Malliotakis Got Burned by Eric Ulrich

Team Malliotakis is still #bitter that Ulrich supported Nicole’s opponent.



Eric Ulrich Burned Nicole Malliotakis Nick Chamberas


Eric Ulrich Burned Nicole Malliotakis Nick Chamberas


Nicole Malliotakis Lost Mayoral Election


Nicole Malliotakis Burned by Ulrich


Nicholas Chamberas Eric Ulrich Nicole Malliotakis


At this point Malliotakis should have told her team to stop because it’s just silly, but it just went on and Ulrich easily burned her.


Eric Ulrich Burns Malliotakis


Eric Ulrich Nick Chamberas November 2018

Ooooh Burn!


Ulrich Burns Malliotakis




Gerard Kassar Nick Chamberas Eric Ulrich



Jerry Kassar is Chief of Staff to the ousted Marty Golden. Here Jerry has the chance to back a good Republican candidate that people like and instead he joined the trolling party for Malliotakis on Twitter.




Nicole Malliotakis Lost Election to Bill de Blasio


LOL…ooohh another one!



Nicole Malliotakis burned by Eric Ulrich


Nicole Malliotakis bumper sticker

Nicole Malliotakis Still Bitter



Nicole Malliotakis cheesy bumper sticker


Cheesy…. Why does she play these games with her team? This isn’t leadership and the reason why she doesn’t get things done.




Eric Ulrich Advice to Team Malliotakis



Nicholas Chamberas


Absolutely not true….Team Malliotakis attacked me when I wrote the truth about Malliotakis. Nicole puts out a lot of press releases, but she isn’t as productive as she claims.  Team Malliotakis took everything people said personally instead of understanding why people didn’t want Nicole as the mayor. Thankfully, newspapers wrote the truth about Malliotakis….and press release politics didn’t win.



Later in the afternoon, Malliotakis tweeted Mark Peters for Public Advocate. Peters was just fired by de Blasio. This just made Nicole look petty.



Nicole Malliotakis Public Advocate



Nicole Malliotakis’ outburst may have helped Eric Ulrich earn some votes….and Ulrich knows it!



While Team Malliotakis claims they will “tear down” Ulrich, Eric Ulrich is well-liked by many.



Nicole Malliotakis picket line
Assemblywoman Malliotakis burned by Eric Ulrich

Look how differently people see the world:


Nicholas Chamberas Brooklyn



Team Malliotakis doesn’t think anything is wrong with trolling someone AND then they want an apology even though they attacked Eric Ulrich. LOL.




We are considering Ulrich for the position as he is a moderate Republican. We can’t vote for Jumane Williams after knowing about his driving record.


Jumane Williams

We just got rid of Marty Golden, who had a similar driving record and people are tired of politicians who think they are above the law.  We wouldn’t support someone who has so little regard for people’s lives. Williams is just looking for a new job to hop to, but it definitely shouldn’t be public advocate.   



Nicole Malliotakis isn’t known for supporting reliable candidates. In this past election, Malliotakis pushed Steve Saperstein in Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights, even though Saperstein admitted to taking money from Developers. Last November, Nicole Malliotakis endorsed John Quaglione who received over $60,000 from a Super Pac – see more here. Many home owners in Bay Ridge don’t know this…..and Nicole Malliotakis supporters aren’t telling them either.





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