June 8, 2019

Adams & Saperstein Start Shorefront Coalition

Shorefront Coalition

Shorefront Coalition Twitter Acct.


WOW…something isn’t right here…two unalike politicians teamed up. Maybe they have more in common than we realize?! A new group and website called the Shorefront Coalition  appeared with a picture of Steve Saperstein and Eric Adams.   

6/13 Update: The avatar above appeared on the Coalition’s Twitter page has now been changed. The other man who was in the Coalition picture is now tweeting at the coalition and Saperstein. LOL   We are waiting for Eric Adams to tweet at it!  Actually the tweet is strange because it’s coming from Coney Island Hospital thanking this coalition – even though Coney Island Hospital had a partnership with the school already. Can a public hospital play politics like that? More interesting: Both men tweeting gave $ to Saperstein’s failed election.  


Last Fall, Steve Saperstein ran an ugly election against our Assemblywoman last year. Saperstein was well- supported by Republicans and Conservatives in Bay Ridge including: Ted Ghorra, Gerald Kassar, Nicole Malliotakis, Marty Golden and some other minor pols. All those people were fine with Saperstein running even after Saperstein admitted at the Xaverian that he accepted money from a developer.  We weren’t.

A few months ago, this site shared that Saperstein became a Democrat and I didn’t think it was true. (If this happens to be true, Ted Ghorra should step down.)  If it is true, it means a lot of people were duped. And if you are duped in Brooklyn, you shouldn’t be a leader here.



It’s strange that Adams and Saperstein only met on May 23rd when the Shorefront Coalition website was purchased two months ago – on March 24, 2019.  


Unlike Saperstein, most people in Brooklyn consider Eric Adams a politician – not a fighter for our community. Everyone  knows Adams welcomed AirBnB  to Brooklyn and that  wrecked the supply/demand for apartments in NYC (he later recanted on this, but it was too late for Brooklyn – the damage was done). Adams also welcomed Cars2Go, which parks cars all over our streets for free. See here


Wouldn’t Eric Adams be weary of Saperstein, as he knows Saperstein ran with Marty Golden and supported Republicans? You would think Eric Adams would be taking time to heal his relationship with the well-loved Coney Island leader, Mathylde Frontus.  


Why would Saperstein join forces with Eric Adams?  Could Saperstein  believe that Eric Adams is a warrior for antisemitism, even though Adams did next to nothing this week when antisemitic language was left on a mailbox in Bay Ridge?  Adams wrote a two sentence tweet throwing the problem to the politicians in the area. Adams didn’t even bother mentioning it on Facebook or doing anything about it. Eric Adams’ response to hate has been equally disappointing in the Asian Community (see here) and Arabic Community (see here) as well.


Does Eric Adams even live in Brooklyn?  This Winter when prisoners weren’t receiving basic rights in Brooklyn, it took Adams DAYS to get there. See here  No one really missed him because he doesn’t do much, but I did because I had been noticing he wasn’t showing up for Brooklyn. But if he lived in Brooklyn, it would just be a short ride to the prison.

From the Bay Ridge side, this looks like the anti-Corey Johnson coalition lining up. When Mathylde Frontus ran for office, Eric Adams played politics in our community. Eric Adams KNEW Mathylde and her work, but backed Mark Treyger’s candidate. I asked Adams to withdraw his support because Dr. Frontus was what both Coney Island and Bay Ridge needed. In the 2021  election for mayor, Councilman Mark Treyger has Corey Johnson’s back – not Eric Adams. 

If the Shorefront Coalition was a community organization, wouldn’t we see Steve Saperstein working with Assemblywoman Frontus, Councilman Treyger or Chaim Deutsch? 

Politics – it’s all the drama of a soap opera, but just as predictable too.




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