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August 7, 2018

Eric Adams Response to Racism is to Take a Picture AGAIN




The Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams showed up in South Brooklyn this morning. Anti-Asian graffiti appeared on store fronts in Bensonhurst. Eric Adam’s solution was to take a picture. We have too many pols just taking photos!   


And it looks like Eric Adams is being shown what to say. Why would he cover the mic?




It’s Monday morning and the people who did the graffiti are either sleeping or already at work. Who are these politicians directing their energy at? The local press who will print the photo with a story making it seem like the pols are “doing something.”  





When something does happens in this community, these pols don’t even talk to each other and solve the problem Assemblyman Bill Colton didn’t even speak to his colleague in the Assembly about an important bill, but I did because I knew he and Nancy were playing politics. This under-handed politics has been going on for awhile. Eric Adams showing up for the photo isn’t helping the situation. Everyone is tired of Mark Treyger pointing his finger in the photo, but not doing anything else. 


Are we fooled by the politicians repeatedly printing the same signs (see pic above)? Are we fooled by their sad, dismissive faces? The reality for Brooklyn is most residents on that avenue could not tell you the name of over 90% of the people in that photo. 


Mark Treyger said, “Someone took the time to shape their racist thoughts.”  Yet Treyger, Colton and Eric Adams haven’t done anything to shape any other type of thoughts because they are busy taking photos and not doing anything else!



Three weeks ago, Eric Adams rode a bus from Bay Ridge to Staten Island as his response to racism on the bus. I wrote to Eric Adams that wasn’t a proper response to racism, Adams said in the South years ago, riding the bus worked. Adams didn’t seem  to understand that in the South that was all students could do to stop the racism because no one was passing laws against it. 




Eric Adams offered $1000 reward for info about the people doing the graffiti. Adams knows the culture of this community will keep people from speaking up and therefore he won’t need to pay the money. If you want to find out what’s going on there, install REAL surveilance cameras immediately and you will see a lot more than graffiti happening there.





It’s interesting that we frequently see Eric Adams wearing shirts that bear his name (see below). Does he realize that many Brooklynites don’t know who he is because he isn’t hands-on to community problems and just wants to take a photo?




When the former Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz showed up at an event, he didn’t need to wear a shirt with his name written on it, everyone yelled out his name and hugged him because he was all over Brooklyn….all the time.


Protip: You don’t crush racism or Monday by taking a picture. You aren’t fooling anyonne, Eric Adams.


Several weeks ago,  Eric Adams supported the weaker candidate with an endorsement in our assembly race. Adams responded by saying he endorsed the candidate that asked him for an endorsement. Eric Adams failure to support a qualified female in this election shows he does not support women! To support the candidate that the IDC is funding is wrong! We did ask Adams to remove his endorsement and he isn’t willing to admit he made a mistake. 


This guy should NOT be thinking about running for mayor



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