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  • July 14, 2012

    Dooce Divorce Update

    3/2/13:House Sold

    7/15/12: Update on Dooce’s divorce: Their house in Utah is for sale.

    I read the news everyday. I know all about Anderson Cooper announcing he was gay and now that he might be getting married. But Somehow I missed the Dooce news update.

    I just read that Dooce and Jon are divorcing! Back in the old days, I used to read Dooce everyday. Last Fall, I stopped reading her blog. I used to enjoy Heather’s home and style pics. Her blog posts used to contain helpful tips about Pottery Barn picture frames and style used to contain trendy Anthropologie earring posts. When Heather started posting the weird pictures of Cami (the Armstrong’s babysitter) or Tyrant, I think I lost interest. Something changed and I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I no longer enjoyed the blog.

    Anyway I just read Dooce’s blog at 4:32 this morning. Although Heather didn’t say divorce, her writing seemed so sad so I googled ‘dooce divorce’ and saw the news of their separation. Then I saw bloggers writing that they were happy that Heather and Jon are divorcing. REALLY? That’s just a strange thing to think/write. I googled Why is Dooce divorcing and found Jon’s sad blog, where he explains she asked him to leave. He’s a good writer and he seems authentic too.

    I also realized tonight that I also missed the news that Apartment Therapy’s founders Maxwell and his wife Sara Kate are divorcing. They are such a cute couple with their cute NYC apartment. Maxwell told the news that he believes chasing the perfect domestic life led to the end of his marriage. That is just so sad!

    Divorce isn’t an easy thing and I am sure both couples are having a hard time. I hope they keep their personal life personal and don’t put it out on the web because it doesn’t belong out there. Yes people can be curious, but private matters need to stay private. The gossip news needs to stay with weird stories about affairs and Kris Humphries ex-girlfriend fake baby and stuff like that. Prayers and peace for them because life is too short for divorce drama.


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