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March 8, 2017

Does Mark Treyger Know Pam Harris SUPPORTS a BDS Candidate?

Politics can make you laugh sometimes.




Mark Treyger endorsed Pam Harris for re-election this past November.  Harris was not a favorite in Bay Ridge because of her lack of work here. She won the election with Treyger’s help. Treyger ran to be a district leader because he thought he was going to bring himself more power. I was surprised to see Pam Harris at El-Yateem announcement party. Khader El-Yateem is a candidate who supports BDS.  In this form #18, you can see El-Yateem boasts that Harris endorsed him. Treyger and his crew are firmly against this.  Wait until those Councilman gets news of this.  LOL. How many times can Harris make Treyger look like an idiot?


Someone who should have known better, put Nancy Tong in an awkward position. Tong lives in Treyger’s district and  now she is the “carpetbagger” candidate because she is running in our district. No one knows Tong here so it makes her look ridiculous. These people have known Nancy Tong for years and it’s strange they allowed her to be in this type of position. You know what they say….keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  


Kevin Peter Carroll backed Treyger for District Leader in the last election. Chris McCreight, Treyger’s opponent won Bay Ridge. Again, Kevin Peter Carroll did not back the Democrat who lives in our community. Treyger has Nancy Tong from his area,  up against Kevin Peter Carroll…….Oh whose going to remove the knife from KPC’s back?  



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