December 18, 2019

Yes, Justin Brannan’s Bill Has a Loophole



Update 12/18: Channel 1 News showed Eddie Cumart, the ice cream vendor. Cumart says his partners are veteran’s. The news said Cumart could make up to ten thousand in a weekend because all the other vendors were pushed out by Brannan’s bill. Cumart said he will never give up!  Councilman Brannan said he will sue the city – see his whole response here.

Councilman Justin Brannan and Senator Andrew Gounardes told us they were working on the Dyker Heights Lights vendor issue since last year. Apparently, Captain Cronwell was at the meeting last year too.

Brannan admitted that the vendor found a loophole at the CB 10 Meeting held in December.






One ice cream truck vendor found a loophole to the bill by hiring disable veterans. “Disabled veterans, under city law, are exempt from certain restrictions on street vending in order to give them an edge on the competitive licensing process.”

Brannan responded to the article on Facebook and Twitter.  See here  





Brannan says the bill was clear and “THE CITY” needs to enforce the law. Who in “the city” does he think will enforce the law if Captain Cronwell is saying to the newspaper the veterans are within their rights?   (See article here


(There was a message to the ice cream man that appears to have disappeared….anyone got it?)


So how did a vendor outsmart the politicians, who sat around talking about the issue for hours since August and then told the press about it – see here and here.  Andrew Gounardes is an attorney – wouldn’t he have looked for  loopholes? 

Dyker Heights has such a problem getting help for issues. It’s always press releases before anything else there! They can’t get help with simple problems and pols continue to take pics and send press releases. While I am sure the commercial traffic is less, the ice cream vendor is just a sign of the times where some people are above the law.

Maybe the pols should spend less time on the press releases and more time writing the bill and seeing who can outsmart the bill.






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