December 2, 2019

Does a Politician Need to Tour Other Areas to Do Their Job?




According to Shorefront News, Andrew Gounardes went on a Civil Service Tour. Story here

Why do politicians do that? People don’t elect them so they can go on trips. Some of the politicians in area have  accepted trips to China and Israel and think that’s okay because everyone else is doing it.

I don’t think it was necessary for Gournardes to see the fire department, bus depot or schools in upstate NY – we have all of those things here.   Couldn’t Gounardes have asked questions and taken pictures with the men and women who work in Brooklyn? Maybe Gounardes should give up being the chair of this committee so he can concentrate on doing his job.


And who pays for this trip? Nothing in life is free, so whoever is paying wants Gounardes to vote a certain way.


Ironically, the man quoted in the article, Tim Kennedy wrote a bill to give tax property tax breaks to some people in his area (no, I am not kidding).   



Union 32BJ has Gounardes chanting, but  why isn’t he here helping his community with the problems HERE? 








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