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October 15, 2012

Do you Hate Sunday Nights Too?

I hate Sunday nights…..not Sunday – just Sunday night. 

This weekend was pure bliss. It was everything a weekend should be. And then Sunday night comes and ruins it all. Yes Sunday night, I know I can’t hang out with my family/friends and do whatever we want all day long tomorrow. Yes,  I need to go to work and school tomorrow morning. 

I don’t really hate Sunday night. 

Because Sunday night reminds me to be grateful…..for my family & friends, for the comforts of life, for simple pleasures, for laughing, dancing and singing all weekend long. 

**And to all the  people who were at our home this weekend – please join us Wednesday night after work (anytime after 5:30 pm) for an a plain hot meal and some more laughter. We don’t want to wait until the weekend to see you again. **



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