July 30, 2020

Did FBBR Invite Antifa to Bay Ridge?

Tonight, while reading an online tiff  between conservatives and socialists on social media, I came across Vito Bruno asking the founder of Fight Back Bay Ridge if she brought a national Antifa leader to Bay Ridge (and that man mentioned how his gun comes in handy!)    



I remember the event that Fight Back Bay Ridge held in February. In January,  White Nationalist had placed stickers with messages and a banner in Bay Ridge (see video below).  FBBR wanted to share with the public what they can do to stay safe and help combat Neo Nazi’s in the area.  





Along with other local groups, Fight Back Bay Ridge responded to the banner by organizing a rally to denounce the hate  in Bay Ridge. After the event, a local photographer shared that some people who attended the rally had Antifa symbols. (I didn’t see the photos, so I am not sure if a Bay Ridge resident showed up wearing the symbol.)


FBBR taped the meeting held at the Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church with Pastor David present. The meeting seemed helpful and level-headed. Jenkins provided tips like not to share pictures of the white nationalists such as new stickers or messages from them because that helps promote their growth. Jenkins even spoke to a 13-year-old student about what she could do about white nationalism. The meeting seemed informative to concerned Ridgites. 


After the meeting the local paper, The Brooklyn Eagle described Fight Back Bay Ridge as an anti-hate group. The Eagle’s article didn’t mention that Daryle Lamont Jenkins was alt-right or affiliated with Antifa. The meeting was presented in a very positive light.

Radiofree Bay Ridge shared the video from the event. RadiofreeBR described Daryle Lamont Jenkins as a alt-right hate group expert. Alt-right wasn’t mentioned the flyer for the event




Is Daryle Lamont Jenkins a member of Antifa? The title of this article says he is an Antifa leader. 

In another video on YouTube, Jenkins presents himself as a good guy going against the bad guys – the Nazi’s and racists. Jenkins’ objective seems to be to uncover white supremacists to their community.   

On Twitter, Daryle Larmont Jenkins is mild and he stays focused on white nationalists. But he also retweets Antifa’s messages – namely one about the rally in Bay Ridge that brought Antifa here (but people here in Bay Ridge used the hashtag of antifa to start things up…and that’s a problem). 

Strangely, I think those in Antifa believe the violence is warranted, so they think it is okay.

While Bay Ridge residents of  these groups may think that’s “cool” and “exciting,” to invite Antifa, most people here don’t want violence. Seeing adults act like 15 year old kids mocking and fist-fighing haters is unproductive. 

Awhile back, Councilman Brannan wrote on Twitter:  “Antifa simply means anti-fascist. If you are anti-antifa that means you are pro-fascist.” (Source)  Brannan has since deleted the comment with that strange philosophy. 

If you bring someone to be violent to your community, you don’t really care about your community. On the evening of the rally in Bay Ridge, police spent hours trying to get people to leave because they didn’t understand that the event ended hours before.  

Sadly, the inclusion of Antifa stopped Bay Ridge residents from attending a BLM protest with their family because they don’t want violence around their family.  Someone even responded on Bay Ridge for Social Justice’s Facebook that “they were praying that no one was hurt at the most recent BLM rally.” (See here

Did the “excitement of including Antifa” advance the BLM movement? No, it hurt our community. Many people here support BLM because they want their equality and they want children to grow up without racism as another pressure.


Yeah that’s not good.





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2 Responses to “Did FBBR Invite Antifa to Bay Ridge?”

  1. Matt Says:
    July 30th, 2020 at 7:19 am

    If you believe a milquetoast guy who goes on Joy Reid is antifa, and poses a more dangerous threat to our community than actual Nazis who want genocide, then you’re incredibly gullible. There is no equivalence—none—between actual Nazis who want the death of millions and people who choose to defend their communities against hate, and it’s doing the rhetorical work of the Nazis for them.

  2. marlene Says:
    July 30th, 2020 at 10:15 am


    I have addressed the Nazi’s on this blog. My father-in-law fought against them and got rid of them years ago.

    I don’t see Antifa as a better movement or as the good guys. Fighting hate with fists, fire and rage doesn’t bring peace, knowledge or anything to the next generation.

    Adults need to act like adults and solve problems – not create more problems. I used to see FBBR as a helpful group.