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April 15, 2019

Did Chuck Otey Just Realize How Many Stores Were Closed NOW?



In the Fall, Chuck Otey pushed Marty Golden in the newspaper. Thankfully, Bay Ridge is done with that.

Yet, Chuck Otey continues to write about the former Senator. Doesn’t Chuck understand that Golden had many years to help the merchants and he didn’t. As storefronts in Bay Ridge closed, Golden was silent. Golden and Nicole Malliotakis could have passed all types of bills to help the merchants (and residents too), but they didn’t. Golden wrote a bill to help billionaire developers in Manhattan. Now his time is over. And Golden’s life has gone on as well.

Carlo Scissura isn’t going to help either. If he was, he would have done it already. Scissura was the head of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. During that time, Scissura pushed Air BnB in Brooklyn with Eric Adams. Eric Adams later regretted it because he saw what happened to the housing market in Brooklyn.  Scissura and Adams also pushed Cars2Go. Cars2Go uses our streets to park their cars for free and created a commodity over parking spaces. I wouldn’t say he is the best person to make decisions for Brooklyn.

Does Chuck Otey want people to depend on Kathy Wylde? I’ve never heard of her, but from Otey’s article, it seems like she is in hospital administration and probably isn’t interested in revitalizing the Avenue.  Nor should anyone expect her too.

I wonder why the paper keeps printing Otey’s column.  They are neither helpful or informative. During election time, Otey pushed for Golden, even though this neighborhood booted him out of office. Why wouldn’t Otey look to new state leaders for a change?  Why does Otey continue to harp on Golden and not see all the pay-to-play nonsense Golden was involved in. Even today, Will Bredderman wrote about one we didn’t know about. (See here)



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