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February 9, 2017

Democrats for Change Made the News

Today there was article in the Brooklyn Daily – Courier Life about The Democrats for Change Club.  I have no idea why this club is linked to Bay Ridge as they don’t do anything here and their club president isn’t from this area. I’ve never seen the club speak out against anyone in all the years I have lived here in Bay Ridge.

The woman in the article was recently in a picture for another paper.  We didn’t think it was weird that she was with the Conservative group. We thought she and the Conservative group were out of touch and didn’t understand the movement amongst neighbors showing concern for neighbors  in Bay Ridge.  There was no anti-NYPD sentiment at the march against hate, but the five people made signs as if they expected hate towards the NYPD. 

In June, I  found a lot of weird things about the Democrats for Change Club – see here.



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