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March 5, 2017

Delvis Valdes – Sunset Park NYC Council

Delvis Valdes

Delvis Valdes is running for City Council for Sunset Park – District 38 and I am glad to see the community throwing their support behind a resident. I lived 26 years of my life in Sunset Park and I hate to see what’s going on in the neighborhood under the current councilman.


Delvis Valdes has been a leader in Sunset Park for many years and he will make a good councilman. By profession, Valdes is an attorney, business owner and a children’s advocate. He  is a founding member of the Sunset Park BID. He is a member of the Sunset Park Lion Club. Valdes is a former Community Board Member. Delvis Valdes has been active in Sunset Park for many years. For the last 20 years Valdes has hosted a Three Kings Day event with lots of free gifts and food!


Delvis Valdes - Sunset Park
Valdes believes in the saying: “To much is given, much is expected. He said it is his time to give back and help his community!”


NY City officials have  said there are no homeless shelters in Sunset Park. Organizers said on Saturday that the City has put the homeless in 15 locations in Sunset Park. The current lazy Councilman Carlos Menchaca has refused to do anything about the hotels being used for the homeless. Residents from Queens came to Sunset Park to support the protests against homeless being housed in hotels.  (More info)



  • Valdes said that Sunset Park needs more schools because there are not enough seats for children from Pre-K to high school.


  • Valdes said that when he is in office, he won’t back down to the mayor and he will say, “Sunset Park is off limits to any more shelters.


  • Valdes is the son of Cuban immigrants. He said he will help pass legislation for immigrants. He also wants to set up a team to help immigrants with immigration issues. Carlos Menchaca was silent when an incident happened in Sunset Park last July. 


  • Valdes said he will work to stop the gentrification. The mayor and the developers want a trolley to run in Sunset Park – this will easily gentrify the area. Menchaca supports the trolley because he doesn’t live in the area.  


  • Valdes is backed by supporters in Red Hook as well because Delvis Valdes reached out to them months ago.


  •  The Sunset Park Library was given away to a group for it to be developed (no bid) and the people of Sunset Park are afraid are afraid of losing their library. 




The news will say that Delvis Valdes is challenging Carlos Menchaca, but Menchaca isn’t from Sunset Park or even Brooklyn so there is no challenge here. Valdes is from the area and ready to work to help the area.  Menchaca is from Texas.  Carlos Menchaca needs a job in television because he is a media hog and loves to use important issues to grandstand and get the media’s attention, but does nothing to fix the problems. In June an article appeared online calling Menchaca “a Hometown Hero.”  I asked Menchaca to correct it because it wasn’t true. Although he responded and told me he would correct it, the article still remains online hereThe original article simply removed the word from the page, but not from the code (so it is still searchable here) And Menchaca is aware of that and did not have it removed.


Delvis Valdes is married with three young children.


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