November 8, 2019

Day Drinking and Spin Reporting


Journalists either love reporting the outrageous stories or they look to make a story.

Our area has been a product of strange reporting for awhile, so we know the drill here.


Are there Trump supporters in Bay Ridge? Yes, of course! We saw a video of some people at a catering hall last year chanting Trump’s name. 

But out last election showed that people were tired of the status quo Republicans. Remember Dan Donovan, the former Congressman wanted to put a picture of Trump in every library!! He was shocked to be voted out.   

The man who won the position, Max Rose is a conservative Democrat and I think that works well for a lot of people. 


People were also tired of the machine candidate Democrats and voted against that in our Assembly elections.

I don’t believe Bay Ridge is the progressive, Streetsblog-controlled-Bloomberg community that some believe we are. 




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