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  • July 11, 2017

    Dan Donovan’s Online Facebook Live Was Awful

    Congressman Dan Donovan invited people to come to his meeting Facebook Meeting.


    Dan Donovan Paula Katinas Town Hall Bay Ridge on Facebook
    I’m  computer savvy, but apparently Donovan’s team isn’t. Neither Donovan’s page or the Brooklyn Eagle’s Facebook page had the LIVE video posted. Around  7:13 pm, Donovan’s page started live streaming. It did not appear on the Brooklyn Eagle’s page at all as Donovan stated above.




    Dan Donovan Bay Ridge


    There were only 24 other people online! The room went up to 41 people at one point, but mostly remained at 32. Donovan represents thousands of people. Didn’t his team wonder what was wrong?



    For a long time, Paula Katinas of the Brooklyn Eagle spoke to Donovan. It’s obviously Donovan knew the topics and spoke in general about them.  The only thing I heard Donovan say that I didn’t know was that he is in Washington for three weeks every month and in New York for one month.



    Dan Donovan Bay Ridge Paula Katinas


    A few questions were from the audience and Donovan answered them generically. His answers offered no expertise and was general information that everyone knows. Any man could have been sitting in Donovan’s seat answering questions about climate change and North Korea.  Donovan appeared awkward and uneasy, especially for a Congressman who speaks in front of people all of the time.


    When the 30 minutes were over, the session ended abruptly even though Donovan hadn’t answered most of the questions asked during the session


    Congressman Dan Donovan refuses to hold a town hall in Brooklyn. His constituents have asked and he keeps asking for one-on-one meetings.



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