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March 7, 2017

Dan Donovan Needs New PR




While I am not a fan of Dan Donovan, he recently updated his view and said he won’t vote down healthcare without a replacement. Constituents asked for a Town Hall to speak with him.  We have healthcare coverage through our jobs, but many people in NYC don’t and they rely on the existing Obamacare program. I was glad to see Donovan adjust to the people’s needs. He showed that he is listening to his Bay Ridge constituents. So I thought I would extend him an olive branch, especially since it’s March and we are both Irish. 


The time to speak in Bay Ridge is now, when you have shown you are listening!  People just wanted to show Donovan that they are real people and the bill he was voting for affected them. If 14,000 people dialed in to speak to Donovan, it’s time for Donovan to get out of his comfy Staten Island office and speak to the people. Donovan’s approval rating might be a bit higher and he could actually use that when he yells out to the people, “I heard you Brooklyn and I won’t take away healthcare without a replacement program. ”  



Here’s how you know Dan Donovan has bad PR people: 


      • Dan’s worker stood near the protesters and didn’t address them. He could have said, “Your Congressman has heard you and will be addressing this soon.”   Actually, they are photographed standing near your Brooklyn office playing on their phone.  



Here’s how you know Donovan has bad political friends:


    • Marty Golden should have volunteered to co-host a joint Town Hall.



Here’s what Dan Donovan should do now:



  • Bay Ridge has a St. Patty’s Day Parade on March 26th – call one of the churches and host a St Patty’s Day breakfast (coffee and green bagels will do).  It’s a Sunday morning so no one will be angry. Plus you are probably marching in the parade


  • Add yourself to some other group’s agenda:  the Bay Ridge Community Council Meeting, a PTA Meeting or some other meeting so you can be short and sweet.  


  • Have a meeting at a place like Xaverian or St. Pat’s – offer tickets online and then pick and choose who you want at the meeting just like every other pol does (everyone else gets the “sorry we ran out of tickets response).



Donovan’s PR person should have told Donovan to  stop being negative to the media (you don’t announce that you aren’t having a meeting because the people had to be escorted out). Stop complaining on tv about a few protesters. They were pretty mild. Just smile and say you are working on a date for an open forum.   Adopt some Marty Golden nonsense, “this is the best city in the best state….blah blah blah.”  Donovan needs to go to Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone. I don’t an Irish person who is 60 years old who doesn’t have the gift of gab down pat. 




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