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January 9, 2018

Councilman Brannan’s Shovels of Shame List


Councilman Justin Brannan knows that national chain stores and eateries don’t always shovel their sidewalks in Bay Ridge.





Brannan has started a Shovels of Shame list and legislation to get national chains involved in communities where small Mom and Pops shop owners always shovel. Brannan knows that his community of Bay Ridge has a large elderly population, as well as families with many small children – so this matters. 



Brannan has a great sense of humor and will be calling the businesses out on social media with this logo over pictures of storefronts with sidewalks that haven’t been shoveled.  His initial post with this logo says, “Come at me Bro.”    






While I am all for calling a business out, I am not going to link to Brannan’s first victim yet because these businesses need a little time to get on board and understand that Brannan is pretty well linked in this community. 


Ultimately, shoveled sidewalks keep business flowing, so businesses see the benefit. On snow days people love to get out of their homes, pick up snacks and enjoy the day in the neighborhood.



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