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March 2, 2018

Corey Johnson’s MTA Video Not Typical for NYC


Do you ever wonder why things don’t get done in NYC?  It’s partly because politicians are filming pretty videos, but it’s also because a politicians’ day looks a lot different than most NY’ers.  


Empty platform and plenty of seats to sit down and read. (Notice strange security(?) guy appears out of nowhere in the background (you will see him again later)



Most NY’ers don’t move seats, so you can sit down – a few cameras makes people move. (Security guy to the back right?)



Then there’s that guy on the escalator with you… Does Johnson have security on the subway?




When I saw the video, I tweeted:  “Empty platform and train. With all the people working for couldn’t one tell him to post a video of rush hour or don’t bother.”   Seriously why can’t someone tell Johnson the truth?


Johnson just wanted people to click the heart and LIKE his video on Twitter.  I looked at the video and commented on how a NY’er sees it. That makes me mean because Johnson doesn’t want me to do anything but ooooooo and ahhhhhhh over his use of social media.  If Johnson wants to show what NY’ers have to deal with, why doesn’t he ride the train during the morning rush hours? 


There’s a few reasons I am not crazy about Corey Johnson:


a)  What has Corey done for NYC so far?  Nothing has changed for anyone I know because of Corey Johnson. DO SOMETHING – ANYTHING and then take 1000 pictures!


b) He’s careless with social media. We have enough people like that, don’t we?


c) Johnson was elected by less than 50 New Yorkers and almost 25 of them received $$ in some way. This doesn’t sound much different than Pay-to-Play to us. For pols, this is probably a regular every day happening. It’s not right that someone with a lot of money can buy influence in NYC Council. What if he hadn’t given everyone money – would the outcome have been different?


d) Johnson wasn’t kind to Inez Barron. If you win, you have to be kind to the person who loses. THIS IS WHY COREY JOHNSON SAID I WAS MEAN (BECAUSE I WROTE ABOUT HIM ACTUALLY BEING MEAN).


e) Johnson called for Shola Olatoye to apologize. After we heard what Shola Olatoye had to deal with, we wanted to hug Olatoye (and we don’t want to hug many people). Things didn’t get done, but clearly, she needed more support.  This was mean. Would Corey Johnson done this to a man? He hasn’t. 


f) Johnson awards corruption. This one bothers me the most. WHY? Because Treyger can be his boy, but when he has done the wrong thing and the FBI had to step in,  Corey Johnson should not have given Treyger the head of a Committee with more money to handle.

*Johnson didn’t call for  Mark Treyger to return money or issue an apology for his careless use of NYC funds. #Nothing


When Speaker Johnson says you are mean, know that he really means, “Don’t look at me too long because you will see the truth – there will be pretty videos and dancing……not much of anything else going on here.”   


#SorryNotSorry for watching you Corey




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