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February 5, 2018

Corey Johnson Slams Inez Barron For Treyger






Corey Johnson has been the NYC Council Speaker for a few short weeks. So far we haven’t seen him do much, other than dance and take a lot of pictures.


Today when the Brooklyn delegation announced that Treyger was a co-chair of the delegation, Corey ran to Twitter to congratulate him, but in doing so also posted an article that made Inez Barron look bad.


I applaud Inez for running for the office and shining the light on the inequality in City Council.


Johnson obviously harbors bad feelings towards Inez Barron or he wouldn’t go out of his way to¬† to embarrass her or any City Councilmembers. Inez stayed in the race for Speaker against Corey so I guess we are going to see several years of him being mean to her.


Remember Corey Johnson ONLY became the NYC Speaker because 47 other politicians voted for him. NYC residents did not choose him to be the Speaker. We didn’t vote for him to be the Speaker. His job is to help the Council members – not dance around and be rude to Inez.


Johnson awarded Treyger head of a committee, even after Assemblywoman Pam Harris was arrested for allegedly misusing money including money Treyger gave to her year after year (even after he knew it wasn’t being used correctly. We knew it wasn’t used correctly because the news reported it – so Treyger knew).



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