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January 11, 2018

Why Does Corey Johnson Award Corruption?


Mark Treyger Corey Johnson Pam Harris Indicted


We’ve known about the corruption for a long time.


Is Corey Johnson so removed from Brooklyn that he doesn’t realize Treyger threw money at his friend, Pam Harris EVEN after so many reports came out about the not-for-profit and a problem with the money


Pam Harris was arrested, but Mark Treyger hasn’t been investigated. Yet, Corey Johnson, the newly elected Council Speaker thought it would be cool to make Treyger the head of the Committee so he gave him the Education Committee. Treyger is being given MORE money to manage when he mishandled the money he had!


Why does NYC Council continue to spiral downward? Why hasn’t the Public Advocate initiated an investigation?  The Coney Island Paper shares the funding problems, but NYC Council can’t hear them because they are too busy celebrating Treyger being appointed as the Education Committee Chair.   



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