November 6, 2018

Congratulations Congressman Max Rose!





Congressman Max Rose……that sounds great. Max Rose will be a good Congressman because he wants people in our district to do well.

Dan Donovan lost because he didn’t want to be a Congressman any longer. Dan didn’t want to hold townhalls or make a pot of coffee and hear the problems that Bay Ridge residents….on important things like healthcare.





Thank you to Fight Back Bay Ridge for continuously pointing out when Dan Donovan wasn’t working for us, especially in the area (but so many other areas too).  Your protests brought so much attention to the problems and that Dan Donovan was dodging us. Your group people interested in the election and believing we could win back that seat. Congratulations! 

Congratulations to the Bay Ridge Democrats – Max Rose’s home base in Brooklyn. Councilman Brannan’s team is winning!!





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