January 24, 2018

Community Board 10 – Nicole Malliotakis – No News




Yesterday, Nicole Malliotakis sent a representative to the Bay Ridge Community Board 10 meeting, but she didn’t have any message for the community.  (Video here)


I posted that on social media because it was strange. Malliotakis’ staffer told me to check the minutes from other Community Board 10 meetings. I brought up the topic, so I figured I should follow through.  Malliotakis’ staffer must have thought I wasn’t going to check. I had no idea that I was going to find so little communication between Assemblywoman Malliotakis and CB 10 for the past eight months.


At BOTH the November and December Community Board Meetings, the only message that Assemblywoman Malliotakis sent to the community was that she was collecting toys for a toy drive. It’s nice that she holds a toy drive, but there were a lot of organizations in Bay Ridge doing this. People didn’t elect the Malliotakis to run a Christmas toy drive; they elected her to represent them and to create laws.


At the October meeting, there was no news from Assemblywoman Malliotakis.


At the September meeting, there was no news from Assemblywoman Malliotakis.  The Community Board does not meet in July or August.


At the June 2017 meeting, there is no news from Nicole Malliotakis. 


For eight months, Bay Ridge has heard very little communication from Assemblywoman Malliotakis. From the Community Board 10 meeting, it’s obvious a lot of things have fallen on Josephine Beckmann and that isn’t right.   


Councilman Gentile had messages for the community every month. Other politicians who aren’t directly connected to this community, also had representatives with messages. (Although there wasn’t a lot of information from Marty Golden or Pam Harris’ reps).  Bay Ridge has come to know Malliotakis’ silence.


This is the reason I watch what is going on and write here. Politicians, like Malliotakis are counting on us being too busy to check on them.



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