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  • December 30, 2017

    Commissioner Kathryn Garcia Thinks NYC Has Money To Burn



    We get it – garbage isn’t fun…….but there’s no reason to waste NYC’s money on mascot outfits. Plus employees or ACTORS ARE BEING PAID TO WEAR THE OUTFITS (SOURCE)


    NYC Sanitation Commissioner, Kathryn Garcia thinks we have money to burn. Five mascot outfits were created with NYC money.  In the picture above, Garcia is posing with the Sanitation Mascots. The same woman changed the garbage truck size in Bay Ridge.


    While Garcia fools around with the mascots, Bay Ridge received small trucks that couldn’t handle the garbage AND these senior citizens couldn’t get garbage delivery. Can you imagine the time NYC employees sat around planning these mascot costumes, rather than helping residents in Brooklyn? Seriously, it’s sad that an agency that is suppose to help people is wasting our tax dollars on nonsense. One mascot outfit would have been sufficient to talk about recycling.


    Garcia also had this plan


    Can we get a new Sanitation Commissioner in NYC? This one is careless with our tax dollars and residents are getting less service with Garcia in the position.





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