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  • July 11, 2015

    Cleaning Out and Donating Things in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

    I love clearing out my drawers, closet and garage and giving the usable items to someone who can use them. There was a saying that has always stuck in my mind, “The things you are not using belong to someone else.” Where can you donate or recycle the clothes, toys, houseware and furniture that you want to purge to someone who can benefit from it in Bay Ridge or around Brooklyn?



    • St. Patrick’s Church Food Pantry – bring canned goods to St. Pat’s Rectory – 4th Avenue between 95th and 96th Streets  (open on the weekends too)








    Old Eyeglasses

    These three places in Sunset Park take old sunglasses and give them to people who can use them:


    • Assemblyman Felix W Ortiz 404 55th Street (718) 492 – 6334


    • Don Paco Lopez Bakery 4703 4th Avenue (718) 492 – 7443


    • The Wash Depot 4814 4th Avenue (718)567 – 8512


    Also Lenscrafters Eyeglass Store – there is one in Kings Plaza Mall – Simply drop off your gently used prescription or non-prescription glasses at a LensCrafters they will recycle your used eyewear to those in need.



    Baby Furniture & Baby Items


    1) Donate to Little Essentials located at 24 – 15th Street #204 Brooklyn, NY 11215 on Tuesdays from 3:00 – 6:00 PM. (347) 689-2327 Strollers, cribs, breastfeeding pillows, car seats, strollers, mattresses and diapers – (They do not do pickups in the Summer) Will give you a receipt for your taxes Warehouse Drop Off Hours: Tuesdays 3-6pm. Pickup info – see website info@littleessentials.org


    2) Life Center of NY is in Bay Ridge and they accept formula, breast pumps and any other usable items that a new mother could use.  6802 – 5th Avenue


    3) Newborns in Need is another organization. There is a search by zipcode where you can drop things off.
    4) Evan’s Heaven is a resale shop so they may give you a few dollars for the item. 2111 Bath Avenue (347) 554-8555


    Stuffed Animals and Toys in Good Condition




    • Teddy Bear Brigade – send them a box of stuffed animals, they clean them and give them to children in tragedies. They send you a receipt for your taxes. Teddy Bear Brigade 7539 Stage Road Concord, VA 24538 1-877-913-9212



    • Salvation Army – There is a box outside the Salvation Army at 6822-3rd Avenue Brooklyn 718-833-6894 . The bins are only there during the week to accept dropoffs (not there on the weekend).


    • Little Essentials 24 – 15th Street #204 Brooklyn, NY 11215 on Tuesdays from 3:00 – 6:00 PM. (347) 689-2327 Strollers, cribs, breastfeeding pillows, car seats, strollers, mattresses and diapers – (They do not do pickups in the Summer) Will give you a receipt for your taxes Warehouse Drop Off Hours: Tuesdays 3-6pm. Pickup info – see website info@littleessentials.org


    • Evan’s Heaven is a resale shop so they will take them and sell them for low prices to mother’s in the neighborhood. 2111 Bath Avenue (347) 554-8555



    • Good Shepherd Church 74th Street and 4th Avenue – Donna brings the miniature toiletries to people at shelters.
    • St John’s Bread and Life 795 Lexington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221 (it’s a soup kitchen and they give toiletries to those in need)


    Hair – donate your locks to help a caner patient

    Many people choose to donate hair to Locks of Love  because they want Locks for Love to make wigs for cancer survivors.  Locks for Love has been shown to sell a lot of the hair it receives to other companies. Some have said that Locks for Love doesn’t charge people who are in a certain income. Some people say that Locks for Love won’t accept their hair because it doesn’t meet the right guidelines (too short, grey, etc)   Snopes investigated and found Locks for Love to be a reliablde company

    There are these two places that accept hair and make wigs:

    Pantene Beautiful Lengths  1-800-945-7768 (for wigs for adults)
    806 SE 18th Avenue
    Grand Rapids, MN 55744



    Wigs 4 Kids  440-333-4433  or  586-772-6656  (for wigs for children)
    30126 Harper Ave
    St.Clair Shores, MI 48082



    • New 11/2016 – Amazon started Project Give Back Box in November 2016 – You can take your used Amazon boxes, fill them with clothes to donate, print a label and bring it to the Post Office or have UPS pick it up. Amazon and Goodwill are teaming up to use empty shipping boxes and get rid of the clutter filling homes with the Give Back Box program. After removing items from the Amazon box, a user fills it with clothes, accessories and other items you want to donate and then visits GiveBackBox.com to print a free shipping label. The box can be dropped off at the post office or UPS or picked up.Donations go to the closest Goodwill participating in the Give Back Box program.


    • Coat Drive – NY Cares Dropoff coats at the following locations in Bay Ridge (go here to find other areas to dropoff)




    • St Mary’s Church will pick up and provide you a receipt for your taxes- call 718-529-6070 OR 718-529-7825 (located at 230 Classon Avenue in Brooklyn) You can just leave the clothes in bags on you stoop and they will pick up during the day


    • Salvation Army – drop off at 6822-3rd Ave, Brooklyn (718)833-6894 – they take clothes, small electronics & housewares and will also provide you with a receipt for a tax write off. There is a box outside of the Salvation Army during the week to accept dropoffs (not there on the weekend).


    • The Holy Cross Brooklyn Outreach Center – drop off adult clothing and shoes at the church – 8401 Ridge Boulevard). The Outreach members distribute food and clothing to the homeless each month. 718-836-3510


    • Union Church 7915 – 3rd Avenue (718) 745-0438 they take professional clothing (suits) for people transitioning from prison.


    • Career Gear also takes professional wear at 40 Fulton Street #701 New York, NY 10038 on these dates only:
      • Tuesday, October 6th, 2015: 8am to 6pm
      • Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015: 8am to 6pm
      • Tuesday, December 1st, 2015: 8am to 6pm


    • Maternity Clothes and baby clothes – Donate to the Life Center of NY – 6802 5th Avenue 718-748-4992 It’s the brick building on the corner and they have a sign for AAA Pregnancy Services. They provide counseling and help to young women with unplanned pregnancies Will give a tax deductible receipt.



    women with large feet


    • Donate Men’s Suits – 100Suits or Suited for Success accepts used suits. See here for dropoff places.


    • There are places throughout the city that accept used closed everyday. See the 2016 list.


    • Baby clothes to CAMBA 1402 8th Avenue, Brooklyn 11215 718-369-7226 – Women’s shelter could use baby clothes.


    • Baby and toddler clothes, as well as baby equipment can be donated on Tuesdays from 12- 3:30pm at Alba House (for needy mothers) Alba House (for Needy Mothers) – 2187 Victory Blvd. Staten Island Phone: 718-698-3857 Contact: Richie Martin needymothers@aol.com



    • I like to purge regularly – we put our bags in the bin in the Walgreens Parking lot – corner of 95th and 3rd Avenue (if you don’t like those boxes, then don’t use them – that one is legal and helps me keep my house clean)


    • If you have a lot of kids clothes or lost weight and have a lot of good clothes in one size, put it on freecycle. Some people who could use them items will come and get them. When I get a response, I tell the person I will leave the clothes in a bag on my stoop because I am not big on meeting strangers at my home.


    • Professional Work ClothesDress for Success Organization in Manhattan takes used suits and business clothes. They charge $40 to come and pick up your stuff (EWWW). 


    • Men’s suits are being collected from June 22 – July 31st by the Men’s Warehouse. The closest Men’s warehouse is at 1608 Flatbush Avenue or the one at Atlantic Terminal Mall or Shops at Richmond in Staten Island. Find a store here.


    • Prom Dresses and Bridesmaid dresses, purses and occasion shoesIn March and only to early May) this church collects good, fresh looking items! If you are after this date, hold the dress for next year, they have been doing it every year.



    New 2017 Prom Collection at DG Rockers (7207 Fort Hamilton Parkway) March 1st – 31st








    1) Donate your child’s gently loved books and magazines to the waiting room at Maimonides Infants and Children’s Medical Center. There is no pick-up system for donated books; you must drop them off in person 4802 10th Avenue Brooklyn. For more information, contact the Department of Volunteer Services at 718-283-3980, or call 718-283-7156 Monday-Friday from 9am-1pm to speak to the person in charge of book donations.


    2) Children’s books can be placed in the Children’s Lending Book Box at 653 52nd Street. You can put the books in the box or you can leave a bag near the door (walk quietly inside gate so the dog doesn’t start barking).


    3)  Fort Hamilton Senior Center on Fort Hamilton Parkway 9941 – Fort Hamilton Parkway (closed on Sunday)  9 am – 5 pm on all other days


    4) Bensonhurst Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare 1740 – 84 Street (near 17th Avenue) 718-885-8484


    5) Bookmarke Shoppe has a used book section and sells them for $1.00 – money goes to charity. The store is at: 8415 3rd Avenue


    6) If these are regular books (not textbooks) that adults or children like to read, leave them in a small box outside of your gate with a note that says ‘Free – Take Some.’ I do this several times a year and there is never a book left. People even ask me when I will be purging next because everyone likes to get a free book.  Lee doesn’t like when I do this because he doesn’t like things put out on the street like garbage, but most times he doesn’t know because the books are taken  so quickly.


    6) HousingWorks accepts book donations



    • Salvation Army at 6822-3rd Avenue Brooklyn 718-833-6894 . There are bins during the week to accept dropoffs (not there on the weekend).






    1. Join Bay Ridge Swappies Household Furniture and Donate or Sell it there . We usually post our stuff on craigslist and leave the item inside our gate for the person. We have put furniture outside the gate with a note that says FREE and people have taken it in less than 10 minutes.


    Old Computers, cell phones, small televisions, fans, vacuums & cables – you can’t place computers and televisions out with the garbage ($100 fine)


    1) Staples on 93rd Street and 5th Avenue takes up to 6 old computers/monitors/keyboards/old cell phones per day


    2) Best Buy store allows you to drop off up to three electronics per day (desktop computers, laptops, small electrics, fans, vacuums and rechargeable batteries).

    No large televisions, disassembled tvs or monitors, refrigerators or air conditioners.

    *$25 fee for televisions or two old computer monitors (yes, they started to charge for this) If you just have an old tv that you can’t lift to the curb for garbage pickup, you can pay Best Buy $100 to haul two large appliances (Each additional appliance is $20).

    3) Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse


    4) CHIPS Soup Kitchen in Downtown Brooklyn 200 Fourth Avenue 718-237-2962 accepts working air conditioners (no pickup – just dropoff)



    • Send your unwanted crayons to Crazy Crayons. They melt them down and make new crayons.




    recycle legos

    Cars and Trucks






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      This was exactly the information I needed! Thanks for posting all this.