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July 31, 2018

Cheap Eats in Bay Ridge



“Where are the best cheap eats in Bay Ridge?” was a question asked to the blog today.

While I was going to grad school, I was dirt poor because I was paying rent and tuition because I didn’t want to take out loans. I lived in a cheaper neighborhood too,  so I might be better at telling you about cheap eats outside of Bay Ridge. 



Cheap Breakfast – breakfast is usually the least expensive meal


1) Sam’s Bagels – 7715 – 5th Ave – coffee and bagel $2  or 2 eggs on a bagel – $2.50

2) Panentico – frittata $3.00 (a frittata is like an omelette, but without the cheese. It’s made in a large circle and they give you a slice. Panentico has many  varieties so you can get your frittata made with zucchini, mixed veggies or egg whites with with spinach, etc..

Cheap lunch


*The cheapest place you can get food to go is Seven Eleven.


1) Campo Bella – 9128 – 5th Avenue –  $1.50 empanadas

2) $5.00 Wendy’s deal. If you are thinking “ew Wendy’s,” then you aren’t dirt poor. When you are dirt poor, a drink and couple of tacos is great.

3) $5 – Two slices of pizza and a drink. Molto Bene 96th Street and 4th Avenue. Is it the best slice in Bay Ridge? No, but this is a cheap eats list – pizza used to be cheap everywhere when I was a kid (wow I sound so old).  If you want the best slice, you can cross the street and walk over to Espresso Pizza for the best slice.


4) $5.45 Lunch special from Chinese Food Restaurants – 11 am-3:30 pm. Entree served with rice and a soup OR soda. Most places have this – here’s one


5) $6.00 for chicken or lamb over rice from the Halal Food Cart on 5th Avenue and 86th Street next to Citibank (there’s another one by Chase as well)

6) 6.95 – Hamburger deluxe at Plaka. (Monday night hamburger deal at Pipin’s Pop Up $8.00)

7) $6.50 – $7.50  A large salad (you must like iceberg lettuce because that’s the only type of lettuce they have $6.50 just veggies – $7.50 – the salads with meat – like the Black Forest ham salad is $7.50) at Subway Sandwiches


8) $7.25 Lunch special at Shangri-La – this I discovered by accident. My newphew is a vegan and we went to Shangri-La. You get an entree, soup and spring roll. It’s his favorite place to go when he visits Bay Ridge

9) Cocoa Grinder has lunch sandwiches between $8 and $10  – a lot of healthy options. The grilled chicken salad is delicious.

10) Hana Sushi 86  524 86th Street.  $10 for three sushi rolls and a small salad with orange ginger dressing –  This is a lunch special so it’s only available to 4 pm.  I don’t see a link to this online because it is posted on the board outside of the restaurant. It’s any three regular rolls on their menu.  The sushi is very fresh and the place is clean. 

11) Something Greek $9.99 Lunch






Lunch When You are Meeting Someone and Need to Know if You Have Enough $$ – you would only understand this if you were a poor college student or something like that.  


1. Cappuccino Cafe has a $14.95 lunch menu (includes beverages – non-alcoholic) 

2.Vesuvio’s Lunch $10.95 includes beverage, appetizer &entree



Cheap take out dinner for 4+ people.

1) El Malecon – 8727 – 4th Avenue – this is a chain Dominican restaurant, but the food is good if you like Dominican food.  $20 plus tip Chicken, a tray of rice, a container of refried beans, a two liter of Coke and either salad or a tray of plantations. 



2) $6.99 ($7.50 with tax) for a large pizza from  Cathy’s Round Not Square  (formerly Molto Bene)  9524 4th Avenue  – Monday to Thursday only – 718-745-1506





Late Night Cheap Eats






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