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  • December 3, 2012

    Chase and the Refinance from Hell Part 3

    Leon does not get angry….like ever. Seriously if you know Leon, you know he doesn’t take anyone or anything to seriously so nothing bothers him. EVER.

    Today we got a GFE. A GFE is a Good Faith Estimate. It was quite different from the first.

    It’s not that I memorized the numbers……BUT I DID. Not because I wanted to, but it’s in my genes. My father was a mathematician and once I see a set of numbers, they are easy to remember. Plus I think I remembered it because I like to know what bills I have to pay.

    So today’s GFE was double what the original cost was suppose to be. (The original was 7K – this was 14K). Lee thought I made a mistake, but before I returned with old GFE from Chase, he was mad. He knows I know numbers. As I walked back to him, he said “It’s what you said it is?” I said yes and he wrote to Chase today. Tomorrow, he said he would contact their corporate offices and find someone who can help him there.

    Writing to Chase might be a good idea if this was a regular office where there were people who liked their jobs. But at this office, I’ve already written to the mortgage processor’s supervisor and it’s 10 weeks in and no one is helping us.

    One of the biggest problems we have encountered is finding supervisors of these workers. The bank manager and even the Vice President of the branch does not manage them and that VP will not give you the name of the mortgage processor’s supervisor (ours told us to go ask them). So you can only get a supervisor’s name if you ask the person you are working with for the supervisors name, which naturally makes them annoyed. You would think their website would have it, but it doesn’t.

    Update: Lee received a response from the two supervisors. Neither said they were going to handle the account and he asked for their supervisors names because their e-mail just blamed another department for not responding. Lee can’t sleep even though he has work tonight.

    **Readers – iF you don’t know about refinancing a mortgage, do a google search and you will see it should be a lot easier because it’s not a mortgage – it’s just changing the rate because interest rates have gone done. And you will also see that it doesn’t take this long to do. **


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