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September 28, 2016

Carlos Menchaca – The Silent Councilman In Sunset Park


Carlos Menchaca is silent

Five hotels have been made into homeless shelters in Sunset Park.


Yet Councilman Carlos Menchaca remains silent.


Menchaca isn’t a Brooklyn native and has no ties to Sunset Park so┬áhe doesn’t care if there are more homeless shelters added to the neighborhood.


Since 2015, the city has been quietly opening homeless shelters in Sunset Park. They tell the residents it is temporary, but that’s just so the residents simmer down and go away.


The shelters in Sunset Park, Brooklyn are not helping residents find permanent housing or employment? And why would they? They would be out of work if they did that!


A meeting was held about the shelter. Carlos Menchaca’s staff said it was an open meeting. Yet, people were turned away.


Safety has become a concern around the shelters. Where’s Councilman Menchaca? No where to been seen or heard from. The papers aren’t even quoting him because…..well he’s not there. Read the comments – the citizens in Sunset Park are outing Menchaca for his lack of involvement or…..really anything.


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One Response to “Carlos Menchaca – The Silent Councilman In Sunset Park”

  1. Barbara Lee Says:
    October 7th, 2016 at 3:19 pm

    It’s time for the community to start taking part in what goes on in our area. Going to Community Board meetings and Police Community Council meetings are good places to begin. Sunset Park is becoming over saturated with homeless hotels. It is admirable to take the incentive to help people but when it affects the quality of life of tax paying constituents then perhaps we had better use our voting power to weed out politicians who can’t or won’t deal with our community’s problems.
    Some of us are suffering because of a few bad apples who are residing in the hotels. Loitering, noise late at night, cigarette butts everywhere. It’s not right that we should have to be subjected to this. I have to say that I have had a lot of help from Jeremy Laufer of BK Community Board 7 and also the 72nd Precinct. David Estrada (of Councilman Menchaca’s office) has contacted me and said that Councilman Menchaca is aware of the situation and is working on it. I’ll reserve judgment for a bit. I’ll write back in a few weeks and let you know whether this problem has been abated.