January 14, 2020

Barstool Pizza Reviews Campania



Campania is at 9824 – 4th Avenue.


Campania’s slice is good, if you get some toppings.

But Campania’s real secret is that they have the best chicken wings in the area. I know it’s weird that a pizzeria would have the best wings, but it’s true.


I don’t even like chicken, but someone I love does.


When he was in the hospital, I called for an order and then brought them to the hospital.

Campania’s chicken wings are big and come with hot sauce and blue cheese on the side. They are not hot wings unless you dunk them in the hot sauce. They don’t need any sauce – they are just tasty.

After sharing the story above with friends, they have stopped repeatedly at Campania and then driven over the Verrazzano with their wings.






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