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February 1, 2018

Brooklyn Delegation Chose Treyger – Do The Read The News?


The NYC Council Brooklyn Delegation is composed of City Council members from all over Brooklyn. These delegates decide amongst themselves who will lead the delegation.



The majority of these people thought that Mark Treyger was a good choice for a co-leader of the group. REALLY? Haven’t these people picked up a paper or watched the news?   Hello Brooklyn politicians – Mark Treyger gave Pam Harris money year after year and the FBI arrested her. Didn’t they read the indictment


I learned about the Brooklyn Delegation from a politician outside of my area. He told me, “there is more money that Treyger is throwing around – you have to look up the Brooklyn Delegation – he’s in charge.”  When I looked, I recognized some of the organizations and saw that the were run by friends of Treyger.



By the way, the Brooklyn Delegation has not been generous with money to Bay Ridge in the past. Maybe someone needs to make a map and see where money has been given.




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