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February 13, 2018

The Brooklyn Chamber Celebrated with AirBnB as a Sponsor……Who Owns Brooklyn?






The Brooklyn Chamber pushed AirBnB from the start. AirBnB created a demand in housing and rents went up…..A LOT. (See here)  The Brooklyn Chamber tweeted this because it’s so out of touch with Brooklyn:





Whose thriving in Brooklyn? I see people leaving Brooklyn because they can’t afford to live here. 





The Brooklyn Chamber shared the above blurb in their report (page 5). For a Brooklyn family who is barely making ends meet are paying $2500+ in rent,  but the Brooklyn Chamber is happy some residents got substantial supplementary income. How much? $146 million, Andrew Hoan, president of the Brooklyn Chamber bragged to Kings County Politics





The Brooklyn Chamber didn’t care that  our government has spent time and resources  trying to regulate AirBnB so that the hotel industry here can exist and communities don’t get destroyed by people renting out their homes to one and two night stays. But still there are people who don’t comply.



Businesses continue to close in Bay Ridge. Do you see the Brooklyn Chamber helping businesses in Bay Ridge?  I don’t.  Shouldn’t we see the Chamber to Go on Third and Fifth Avenue helping business owners? We used to see it parked overnight in the residential part of the community because someone who worked there took it home. People would post pictures of it on Facebook all the time.


Whose running Brooklyn? We think it is whoever is throwing money around. 






These businesses aren’t paying $$$ to be sponsors because the people at the Chamber smile nicely.



Last year, Vinnie Gentile gave the Chamber $20,000 for the 13th Avenue Merchants. The year before too.   NYC Council gave a lot of  money to the Brooklyn Chamber.





I’m not sure what the Chamber did for the 13th Avenue Merchants, but the Brooklyn Chamber doesn’t even  have the 13th Avenue Merchants in their Directory.  The store below  has been closed for years is still in the Brooklyn Chambers outdated directory.







The Chamber certainly did a lot of advertising. Why is the Brooklyn Chamber lobbying our government for money if it has this much money to advertise?






This year the Brooklyn Chamber received a grant for $750,000 from TDBank, so they shouldn’t be seeking money from City Council for 2018. 



The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce put out a report (page 2) that stated there was 4.9% unemployed in Brooklyn.    Are all of those homeless people that we see are employed somewhere or did they just not matter because they are vagrants and don’t get to be counted in the statistics? Homelessness is up by 39% THIS YEAR.  We can see homeless people all over the streets in Brooklyn.  One out of 147 New Yorkers is homeless.(Source)  Homelessness in New York City has reached the highest levels since the Great Depression of the 1930s. (Source)





If you think that homelessness doesn’t affect you,  you are wrong. One reporter noted that as homelessness increases, our district will lose more than half of the affordable housing in the area.  



On Saturday night, the Brooklyn Chamber held a gala to celebrate 100 years. More pics 


Don’t worry homeless people, Andrew Hoan and the Brooklyn Chamber needed a gala. When they closed the doors to the gala, the 63,495 homeless people in NYC disappeared.





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