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  • August 11, 2017

    Brannan, Potter and Quaglione Call for an End to the Bottle Tax

    bay ridge politicians want to do away with the bottle tax

    Justin Brannan, Regina Potter and John Quaglione call for an end to the bottle tax as it is redundant in NYC since we have recycling. See article:
     here (by the way the article is well done because it has almost every politicians viewpoint – thank you Kadia Goba). 


    Liam McCabe wants to issue summons to the Asian grandmothers who are taking bottles from recycling bags. Yes, I understand some are a bit aggressive and go into people’s backyards, but the 68th Precinct doesn’t have the man-power for that.


    When I see “my lady” I run in my house and get my bag for her. Since I haven’t brought the bottles to the store to be recycled, I am glad she takes them. She is just collecting to get money for her family.  When I go to my family’s business in Gravesend, I take their bag home in my car so I can give it to my lady because I know she would be happy to have it.  These are good people.  I don’t want the cops to give them a hard time. Some people don’t speak English and being approached by the police would scare them. 



    I completely understand when people are upset if they are making a mess or going in their backyards, but no one has done that on our block so we haven’t experienced it. My lady is very neat, takes her cans and ties the bag back up.  A lock on your gate is good for NYC life too. 



    *Interestingly, Liam McCabe wants to go after the companies that are collecting the bottles and cans and bringing them to other states for higher returns – 10 cents a can (see his video).  Some of the grannies go to these redemption centers, rather than grocery stores because they get 6 or 7 cents per can/bottle.   If the bottle tax is done away with, these companies are going to be giving the grannies less money (because they will have a monopoly on the system – they will be the only ones collecting them. So this probably needs to be checked out at some point as some people  will still be collecting bottles.  





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