May 19, 2020

Brandon Patterson – Not for Bay Ridge




Bay Ridge, we don’t need any more professional politicians.   See here

Patterson isn’t a property tax hero. LOL. Don’t be fooled. We are going to need someone who is paying property tax to fight this for us – it just isn’t important to any of the politicians currently in office.

Brandon Patterson works for Senator Diane Savino in Staten Island. Savino is a Democrat who voted with a group of Republicans in the Senate for a long time!  Savino’s group was called the IDC. Brandon Patterson did not speak out against the IDC, but good Democrats did. Mark Treyger did not speak out against the IDC either. Last year, most of the IDC members in NYC were voted out as Democrats realized they were being tricked, yet Savino survived the election. You can read more about the IDC here.   

Mark Tregyer and Diane Savino supported the election of Ethan Lustig-Elgrably over Mathylde Frontus because Savino wanted Ethan to provide support in the NY Assembly. Savino funded Ethan’s campaign with thousands of dollars and she didn’t care that the community wanted Frontus. Savino chipped in for Patterson as well:




Brandon is known for making a lot of graphics with his name on it. Anyone can make these in   <SIGH>



Bay Ridge, we don’t need a graphic artist representing the community in he Assembly.

We also don’t need any more picture-taking polls.

We need a parent who loves this community to run and take over the political positions in our area so that Bay Ridge has representation in government.

The Democrats are full of broken promises (yeah we are going to help you with property taxes, illegal conversions, etc). The Republican Party is dead and is now run by the Conservative Party leader. The Conservative Party has presented a candidate who took money from developers and  played games with a placeholder candidate.


Brandon Patterson bragged on his website that he was the first to enter the election.



Of course he was! Professional politicians know all the filing dates!

Brandon is good at is complimenting Justin Brannan.   I was glad to see Max Rose did not endorse Brandon. 

Bay Ridge is full of honest people, who just want he best for their community. Most people don’t care what party you are in, we just want someone who is ready to speak up for Bay Ridge – our schools, streets, taxes, against racism and division. The pandemic may make some people rethink changing their career and speaking out for us. 

Mathylde Frontus won with he support of the people – not a party. Let’s do it again for our other positions.   










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