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February 9, 2019

Brandon Patterson Filed to Run for 64th Assembly




Since Nicole Malliotakis has announced she is running for Congress in 2020, Brandon Patterson filed to run for the 64th Assembly District seat which is shared between Staten Island and part of Bay Ridge. See here

Patterson currently works for State Senator, Diane Savino. That’s not a good thing. Savino is the only member of the IDC who still remains in office. Patterson has sat by while Savino voted with the Republicans. Savino’s spending during the last election was out of control.

In the past, Brandon also worked on Recchia’s campaign and for Debi Rose.

Patterson is the district leader for the 64th AD and the president of the North Shore Democratic Club.  In the November 2018 election, Brandon’s support for good-guy, Adam Baumel was basically non-existent.  : (  

Baumel was new to politics. He has good intentions, so people were interested in him.  Baumel’s support for unions was very strong.  District leaders who don’t support the party candidates are the worst.  Many are hoping that Adam Baumel runs again because he was an honest, wants to help people and he didn’t attack Malliotakis (which he easily could have done).

Yet, Patterson’s support for Max Rose has been strong.  See here .




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