October 15, 2019

Brad Lander Let’s Talk About Your Property Tax Discount





Tonight, Brad Lander was invited by Andrew Gounardes to speak about his dead bill from June 2018.  

Lander and Gounardes are going to tell us how safe Brooklyn streets are because of them. Let’s be real fellas….if you can’t pass a bill in a year and a half, you are in the wrong line of work. Parents have been calling on Gounardes to make their area safer – even as late as Friday this week, parents have asked Gounardes for help! Gounardes had red light cameras installed and did a presser in Dyker Heights, but that didn’t make the streets any safer.





Why didn’t Senator Gounardes invite Brad Lander to bring his property tax bill to Bay Ridge? Let Brad Lander teach all of us how to get the Lander and de Blasio Discount!

Maybe Lander can explain why he and his neighbors in Park Slope deserve a property tax discount over other parts of Brooklyn?   Both de Blasio, Lander and their neighbors have benefited from the low property taxes for years. Do they think they deserve a break while other Brooklyn pay double and receive less services? In Bay Ridge, there is one slow  train, the R.  Park Slope has a working transit line with many fast train lines.




Lander wants to pretend that he is a proponent of affordable housing, yet he is silent about the inequitable property taxes. A Park Slope landlord can easily pay the property tax with one months rent.  A Bay Ridge landlord has lower rents and would need several months rent to pay their property taxes.  Property taxes play a part in affordable housing.

In 2016,  Lander complained about AirBnB, while NYC Council continued to fund the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, which supported and promoted AirBnB. Ironically, it was in Brooklyn that Air BnB found it’s support with Eric Adams and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. Apartments became a commodity because it was so easy and profitable just to rent them like hotel rooms. I sent Lander a tweet in August 2016 – no response because it’s easy for a man to be silent, rather than do something.





‘Look the other way Lander’ has remained silent about the known issues with at the new Brooklyn shelters in his area.  Why isn’t he speaking up about the people’s complaints right down to the developers being used for the project?  (Isn’t it ironic that a developer is an issue?) 

Lander and Melissa Mark-Vivierto are the head of the Progressive Caucus in NYC.  Melissa Mark-Vivierto also refused to do anything about the unequal tax rates.


Corruption happens in NYC because of those with the position and ability to make changes sit by, while it happens.  Last month, Lander violated ethics rules – see here.   When I read those words to people tonight, they were shocked and wanted to know what happened to Brad Lander?

Now Lander wants to run for NYC Comptroller. The position should be going to someone who has a background in account and has the ability to call out corruption. Why does Lander think he fits this position?








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