December 4, 2016

Mama’s Greek Kitchen Opens – Bon Chovie Leaves Bay Ridge



First the good news, a new Greek Restaurant called Mama’s Greek Kitchen  opened at 7024 3rd Avenue (formerly Pashazade and before that it was The Water Grill).  They have a regular Greek menu, but they also have breakfast and deliver.  71st Street has been a hard corner to have a business, but this one looks very good.   718-748-3777






Bon Chovie at 7604 3rd Avenue closed (formerly Zito’s Sandwich Shop). I thought they were doing well in Bay Ridge, but they only lasted here a little more than a year (September 2015). When they went on vacation, people speculated about their return, but they assured us they were just going on vacation. Then the news came out that they were moving. Hopefully they will find more money in Clinton Hill as it was a great place.





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