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January 10, 2018

Bob Capano’s Political Change Up & New Column





What happened to Bob Capano?


Capano didn’t fold when the cards didn’t come out the way he planned. He dealt himself a new deck of cards and won a bit more than anyone in Bay Ridge thought he would.


The Background Info:





Bob Capano






  • Capano enjoyed the end of the race…….cause in the end he was like “How do you like them apples?”


  • Capano may smirk a little when someone mentions that he took votes away from…….. 




Now Capano is writing for Brooklyn Courier  and his first article was fair to Gentile (especially coming from a Republican/former opponent) and it was a decent read as well. Maybe Capano will shine the light on politicians in Bay Ridge who are playing politics and using their seat for their own  benefit. 



And maybe Capano learned that it’s not good to be like Marty and just be Bob:


Bob Capano and John Quaglione






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