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  • February 2, 2017

    Bob Capano Fails at Press Release Politics





    Bob Capano tweeted a press release yesterday, January 30th. The press release had Vito Palmeri’s name at the top. As usual, the press release didn’t mention anything the politician is DOING for Bay Ridge. It’s just a nonsense press release that a politician uses to get his name in the paper. Weak journalists let press releases into their paper because it’s easier than researching and finding out the news!


    If either Staten Island Bob or his Communications Director,  Vito Palmeri reread the press release,  they would have caught that the word Council was misspelled.



    I shared Capano’s tweet:






    Here’s my tweet with Capano’s tweet unavailable because he deleted it. This is the second time a Capano tweet has disappeared (read about the first deleted tweet here).






    Justin Brannan has been standing with Bay Ridge parents for years! Capano would know that if he lived here.



    Imagine this guy was actually elected and  just sent out press releases haphazardly!




    Bay Ridge has enough press release politicians!





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