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January 6, 2017

Bob Capano and a Strange Podcast

Bob Capano is someone who hasn’t lived in Bay Ridge for years, yet he’s trying to run for office here. I don’t know if the Staten Island GOP said they wouldn’t support him or if he thinks there are no other Brooklyn GOP politicians interested in running.

Yesterday he was on a podcast called VitoandVito.

I tune in to hear the podcast and it’s this low energy show where one Vito is talking a lot and the other is barely saying anything. Capano said what every other politician has said, “Respect the police, blah blah blah.” Nothing new at all – nothing pertaining to Bay Ridge because he hasn’t lived here in years.  After the Vitos  talked to Capano, the two Vito’s talked about a few unrelated topics and then they start talk talking about “Which celebrity will croak first this year?”

It was so strange.  I went to see if all of their podcast are like this on their website and their domain expired.





I went back to the site where I listened to the podcast from and their are all small clips from random shows with their huge intro, but not a full podcast.

When I write about it on Twitter, one Vito responds:




This guy has a strange attitude. He needs to listen to his own show!  A gentleman would have responded more politely as he didn’t know his site was down.


And one of the Vito’s is pushing Capano in Bay Ridge, even though he knows Capano hasn’t lived in Bay Ridge since he was in high school!

If you are talking about dead celebrities and predicting which ones will die on your podcast, invite Bob Capano on too!






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