May 13, 2019

Bishop Kearney is Closing




Bishop Kearney High School is closing on August 31, 2019. 




This sad news was announced at the school to the students today and the parents had a meeting this evening at 5:00 pm with Dr. Minson. Parents asked if the current students could be phased out, but Dr. Minson said that was not an option.  The girls may be transferred to Fontbonne High School and other Catholic High Schools.

The news must have come unexpectedly to the school, as they accepted students and offered scholarships to the incoming class. How awful it must be for the current students to be losing their school….especially the current juniors who spent three years there! 

From Kearney:


bishop kearney




Also there is a FAQ about the closing here

The changing demographics of the area, rising cost of running a school and Xaverian High School accepting girls must have affected the enrollment at Kearney. 

There is a universal Pre-K  occupying a wing of Bishop Kearney’s building which had to bring in money, but not enough. They would not consider going co-ed to save the school.





It was an amazing school to attend!  Maybe someone with a lot of money will save it. I imagine some Kearney girls will try to rally to save it….if the costs aren’t too high. The school will no longer hold reunions and hopes that the graduates continue to hold reunions.   

Alumni keep in contact on here – great pics and stories.

If you need a transcript request one here.



If you went there, you know…..once a Kearney girl, always a Kearney girl!!



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